Bitcoin UP Review: Its Strong Sides And Possible Pitfalls
Bitcoin UP Review: Its Strong Sides And Possible Pitfalls

Bitcoin UP Review: Its Strong Sides And Possible Pitfalls

Have heard a lot about Bitcoin but don`t have enough time to study the subject to start profiting from it? Such platforms like BitcoinUP were created just for this purpose. It`s an auto-trading software that promises to give you some Bitcoins at minimal action from your side. Is it as helpful as it claims to be? Is it safe to share your sensitive data there? Let`s find out.


  • Fast and free registration
  • No additional fees
  • Helpful customer support
  • Clear interface
  • Various payment options
  • No payout limits


  • No info about the product`s owners on the site
  • No app for iOS users

What`s Bitcoin UP and how does it work?

It`s an automated trading program created for Bitcoin seekers who either don`t have time for Bitcoin trading or aren`t pros in the field yet. With the help of artificial intelligence and special algorithms, it analyses the trade market and searches for the best deals. A big amount of data is researched: different conditions and trends of the current market, historical data, and all other peculiarities to find the best circumstances for a trade to open or close. All the process is done without human`s help. You don`t need to spend hours in front of the computer studying the subject and looking for the most beneficial trades.

Bitcoin UP works with different local brokers around the world and uses API to make deals with them after the huge amount of market data was analyzed. First, it searches for the best deals. Then, it sends signals to the broker`s platform where the order is performed. This way, you make the deal without even digging deep into the trade market, and, as a result, make your balance to grow.

Registration and verification

To enjoy all the features the Bitcoin UP site provides you need to create an account on their website. For this, fill in the registration form on the main page. It requires your name, last name, email, and telephone. Your account will be approved only after you verify both your email and a phone number. The process usually takes up to 30 minutes. After this, you are to deposit at least $250 to your newly-made account. This way you`ll activate your profile and might be able to use the platform in a demo mode. Then, wait for a call from a local manager to discuss all the details of the bot`s work. Registration is free itself.


Considering the fact that all the trading work is done by a special bot on this platform it`ll be easy to navigate through the site for both a beginner and a pro. All the buttons and tabs are located logically, and you`ll need not more than a few seconds to get used to the design and interface. Moreover, all the points of the site`s and bot`s work will be explained to you by their manager during the phone call you`ll get right after registration. If that won`t be enough, look through the website`s trading tutorial.

Payment options

Your first payment is to be made right after signing-up. The minimum sum is $250, the maximum isn`t stated. You can deposit and withdraw money with the help of Discover, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Western Union, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, and Maestro. You get the money directly to your bank account (your ID and bank details are to be provided for this.) The payouts are fast and the site claims no fees are taken. However, such conditions may change in the nearest time.

On the platform, you can trade in:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

Mobile app

Bitcoin UP site works the same good way both in desktop or mobile version. There`s no difference between the set of features and services no matter what device for trading you`re using right now. Also, there`s an app for Android users. You can reach it right in Google Play or by clicking the corresponding tab at the bottom of the BitcoinUP main page. The application has 5,000+ uploads already. Apple users can enjoy only the mobile version of the site for now as there`s no iOS application yet.

Is BitcoinUP good for trading newbies?

Yes, theoretically, you don`t need to be a pro to start earning with BitcoinUp as its bot will do all the research for you. The software finds the best deals and closes them while you`re busy with your everyday life. But basic knowledge won`t harm if you want to reach more fruitful results. Learn the trading essentials and go ahead Bitcoin hunting on BitcoinUp!